We are all familiar with the illusion that objects made of matter appear to be distinct and separate entities. In contrast, quantum physics emphasizes that everything is entangled, forming a whole or singularity.


Is it possible we live in an entangled universe?


To visualize how what we perceive as matter is influenced by energy fields, we must first understand how energy waves entangle and generate constructive and destructive interference patterns that influence the character of the material world.
Both quantum physics and the new biology emphasized that the energy vibration fields are as fundamental in shaping our life experiences as biological processes in our body.
There is a simple formula for the nature of life: Protein plus Signal equals Behavior.
Now the issue is, we know what the proteins are. But what kind of signals are used in creating the life that we experience?

A new understanding completely changes our belief system because Quantum physics reveals that energy is the source of everything.

And so, looking at the body as a physical entity is an illusion, an incorrect understanding.

When we talk about energy, we can define it using two different characteristics. One is force, and one is information.


Energy as a force, for example, is what is used to drive our car. Energy is a force that creates movement. This is the force that modern medicine considers as the energy that influences physical matter by disturbing it. It is called ionizing energy. This energy is like UV light from the sun when you get a sunburn. Or X-rays, when too many of them can burn the tissue. Then these energies become part of the realm of conventional medicine because they influence our so-called physical body.

Energy is also information. However, there is a different use for energy. For example, cell phone broadcasts don’t exhibit much force, but they carry much information. Television signals also are not forceful but, they carry a lot of information.

The idea is this; Yes, the force element of energy is covered by conventional allopathic medicine. But what about the function of energy that deals with information?

That is the primary subject of complementary and integral medicine which bringing energy field awareness into our world. It becomes essential to recognize that information associated with energy vibrations is profoundly important in shaping who and what we are.

A physicist named Colin McClair at the University of London wanted to find out:

What is a better approach to identify a signal length?  

Is using chemistry more effective or less effective than using signals exhibited by an energy field?


He discovered a profound difference in which source of information is used, chemistry or energy fields.       

Perhaps you might remember when you were in chemistry class early in your school history. When you mixed a couple of components in a test tube, you held that test tube, and you felt the heat coming from that test tube.


It’s called the Heat of Reaction. It’s a thermochemical coupling. What is significant about that? By definition, heat is wasted energy. The significance of this is; when you use a chemical or a drug to carry information and when that chemical or pharmaceutical binds to another chemical in the body, according to McClair, up to 98% of the available energy of a chemical drug is actually dissipated and wasted as heat.

In contrast, energy waives and electromagnetic vibration signals don’t give off thermal, chemical reactions. Energy waves are almost 100% transferred between the sores and the receptor of that energy. THERE IS NO LOSS.


According to McClair, “Quantum physics reveals that in biology, one would undoubtedly select energy vibration signals over chemical signals in controlling our Behavior.”

What is the actual role, and how do we know that energy vibrations are that important?



What does that mean? That means merely this; ethane molecules twist and rotate. You might think, what is the relevance? It is the same process that proteins used to create life. And here is the point. Science is based on predictability. Pophristic & Goodman wanted to predict the movement from ethane’s primary structure, and all the intermediate stages as the ethane manifested secondary structure. And if you can predict the movements, you will understand a mechanism that provides for those movements. They started off using the principles of Newtonian physics to try to identify the intermediate stages of the ethane structure. They were unable to predict those intermediate stages. The point is obvious; The movement of that ethane molecule was not using Newtonian physics in the process. They then applied Quantum mechanical principles to the same ethane molecule. In so doing, they were able to accurately predict all the intermediate stages of that molecule from its original shape to its secondary shape. The significance is profound because basically what it says is; the movement of molecules, the same as the movement of proteins that create life, are regulated by Quantum physical principles and not Newtonian principles. The significance of this was spelled out in an editorial in the very same Journal of Nature. The editorial’s title was; “A new twist on molecular shape.”


In the introduction, the author Frank Weinhold writes this: “What are the forces that control the twisting and folding of molecules into complex shapes?”
That’s a good question. And the reason why it’s a good question is; because that is a mechanism of the origin of life. If we could understand the forces that provide for that, we can understand the forces that create life.
Frank Weinhold goes on to say: “Don’t look for the answers in your organic chemistry textbook.”
That sounds a little cryptic, but here’s what’s important about it. Conventional medicine is based on the principles of organic chemistry. And what Weinhold is saying is: “If you want to understand how life works, don’t look in that textbook because organic chemistry is predicated on Newtonian physics and does not understand the relevance of the Quantum physics in controlling the character of life.” The belief in Scientific Materialism that we have discussed as the foundation of the current culture is flawed! Why? Because the idea of materialism, a Newtonian theory, is not valid in a Quantum physical world. The one in which we are living right now. So basically, it says; we have to understand life from a different perspective.

What is the simple way to explain Quantum physics?

Quantum physics is the physics of tiny particles. These particles are fundamental building blocks of our universe. Every particle has both wave and particle properties. Photon is a wave, and it is also a particle. Similarly, electron also has both wave and particle properties. The bigger the particle, the lessor visible is the wave properties. Quantum physics looks into the wave function, which contains all the information about the physical state of an object. Here is the picture of two atoms interacting.


Our conventional understanding is two atoms come together, have a collision, and in that process create chemistry. But that is a Newtonian illusion. And so, if you want to understand how atoms interact to create life, you have to understand the nature of energy waves. And so, instead of seeing atoms as individual particles, what we could look at is atoms as the presence of waves.


When atoms interact, the waves are interacting because there’s nothing physically in the atom. Where the ripples interact, they create special patterns. That’s called interference.
The interference of these atoms creates ripples. The ripples constitute the field, and the field is invisible energy surrounding us at all times. Also, recognize this; Consciousness, thoughts, biochemical processes are an expression of the energy field.

Here is a quote from Albert Einstein:


“The field (the energy) is the sole governing agency of the particle (particle being matter).”

And that changes how we look at our world because the energy field component has been left out of our understanding of science.

Here is a quote from a physicist, Sir James Jeans, 1930:


And to follow that up, at the same time, Sir Arthur Eddington, another physicist, wrote:


These two physicists are giving us the most important conclusion of quantum physics. That mind, consciousness, and energy fields are what shape our life experiences.

And when we understand that and want to change our lives, we work with our biofield energy.

The science of biofield energy is an evolving field of research that aims to provide a scientific basis for understanding the complex regulation system of living organisms by studying the wave energy vibration fields.

How can we effectively use the energy vibrations to create a balanced healthy, harmonious life?

Our beliefs and our genetic predispositions control the character of our lives. Along with our genetic origins, we are being programmed during the first seven years of our development. These developmental programs run 95% of our life. The question is can we control or change this to create the life we want, not the one we have been programmed to experience?

To understand this, let’s start with a straightforward fact; Our body and mind interpret the inner and outer environment we live in. We receive electromagnetic vibrations and signals, including the signals from our cells. Our brain analyzes them, then creates behavior to complement those environmental signals. It’s all based on interpretation of the world to understand the action of the mind.

Everyone has a unique bioenergetic field in the form of subtle electromagnetic vibration signals. These signals can be recorded with modern medical and scientific tools.

All cellular activities, for example, releasing neural chemicals, hormones, and emotional chemicals, ultimately create unique vibrations. Thus, your physical state is revealed via energy broadcasts into the field. In turn, it creates an environment of energy that you are broadcasting to interact with the energy of the surrounding world.

What influence would that have on you? When two energies in harmony come together and interfere with each other, they add up the power of their energy waves and make a more powerful vibration. It is called constructive interference or positive healing vibrations.


It can affect your well-being in many different ways. With this energy, it can be possible to reprogram your body and your genetic characteristic.

The Quantum Wellness Balancer is a tuning tool that creates a signal compatible with the selected biological object.

For example, if we take a crystal vessel and the atoms in this vessel are spinning at a certain vibration. We take an energy signal with the same but more balanced spinning vibration as the vibration of the particles in our vessel (body.) The balanced vibration of the tuning tool moves toward the vessel. The atoms in the vessel are already spinning at a certain vibration. The vibrations of the tuning Balancer interact with the vibration of the particles in the vessel. It is called a construct of interference. When harmonic resonance occurs, it leads to positive, harmonious changes in the biofield of the body. When there is a vibration in harmony with something else, the two will interact and cause an increase in the two to complement each other and create inner balance. This manifests as a property of the healing energy.

Here is another fascinating phenomenon associated with unique individual vibrations. Let take five vessels with different vibration frequencies.

We have tuned our Balancer at a specific frequency. These frequencies correspond only with one vessel. The question is, what will happen to the other vessels when we turn on the tuning Balancer? All the other vessels that are not at set frequency will not be affected by that vibration. Only the vessel with the corresponding frequency will respond to that signal. So, this becomes a critical insight because it reveals that the tuning vibration can pick out something in the environment that is in harmony with that vibration, interfere with it in the form of constructive interference, and excite that object in the environment.

The conclusion is that the Wellness Balancer Pyramid interacts only with the intended person, increasing that person’s self-healing abilities.


In conclusion, what does this mean for you? The quality of life is profoundly influenced by energy. When energy waves interfere with each other, they may express constructive interference that enhances life energy.

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