For many millennia, the shape of the pyramid fascinated people and scientists. There was speculation on the origin and meaning of the Great Pyramid structures placed throughout the world. While myths and legends surround pyramid structures, there was little scientifically reliable information about their physical and energetic properties.

In recent years with the scientific and technological advances, scientists conducted research focusing on the pyramid.



ppofpab1Based on studies, It became evident that the significance of the shape of the pyramid is its ability to receive, transmit, and accumulate energy. As it turned out, the newly discovered information is more striking than any fiction.

In 2018, an international research group from ITMO University and the Laser Zentrum Hannover applied methods of theoretical and quantum physics to investigate the electromagnetic response of the pyramid to radio waves. 


The physicists took an interest in how the pyramid interacts with electromagnetic waves. Calculations showed that in the receiving state, the pyramid could concentrate electromagnetic energy. Then, the pyramid can send back the balanced energy waves to a receiver/recipient.

Another study on the energy of Pyramidal shape was published in the Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences in 2010. The study concluded that the electromagnetic vibration energy of pyramidal shapes could improve biochemical and physiological conditions.

soemrepsIt is not surprising that the ancient civilizations were fully aware of the power of the pyramid and its geometry. Many temples have adapted a pyramid-like design in the construction of buildings and roofs. There are many books containing explanations about the effects of the pyramids build throughout the world.


A pyramid shape acts as a type of antenna/transmitter to better communicate with the universal energy that is around us all the time.

The shape of the pyramid is resonating with cosmic energy. The ancient scientists used the calculations and geometry of more advanced pyramid designs in creating various energy generators. The pyramid shape is seen as a supernatural source of power or energy of the universe. More recently, Nicola Tesla, the renowned scientist, was fascinated with the pyramid and worked with its electromagnetic properties. 


Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are indispensable for communications, starting from living cells to planets, stars, and the universe. 

Our planet Earth is broadcasting its vibrations via electromagnetic signals for all living organisms on the earth to be in tune. 


The power of the pyramid can be a way to recovering and recycling the unique electromagnetic energy vibrations of the living cells, thus recharging, balancing, and healing them.


Our unique Wellness Balalancer Pyramid has no analogies in the world. It combines cutting-edge Quantum physics science with ancient, powerful healing tools.

The Wellness Balalancer Pyramids is a bridge to the boundless healing energy vibrations.

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