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Our bodies and cells need a little nudge in the right direction. With an energy profile, the body and mind receive a message to trigger self-healing. For the initial energy and wellness balancing, the optimal interval for a single profile is a 24 to 96 hours cycle. Once the desired result is achieved, the profile can be used every four weeks as reinforcement support.  

An optimal amount of energy profiles that can be run in a 24-hour cycle is up to four.

A person’s daily water intake is very individual. It is essential, however, to use the best available purified water to replenish cellular needs. A person’s thirst should regulate the water intake. If before, during, or after the balancing, a person wants to take a drink of water, they should do so.  

The Wellness Balancer Pyramid is a personal portal to the powers of the boundless healing energy of the greater Universe.

Over their life periods, people focus on the material (Newtonian) visible world, undermining the life force or the universal and energy fields. Quantum physics presents a different picture of the world around us. One must understand that the primary source of life is not material things but the energy field that binds the tiniest particles together. For some, it is a complex notion to grasp or experience. Using the latest scientific discoveries and modern tools, we can see this force via the interface of the Wellness Balancer Pyramid’s application. With the energy profiles, a person gains access to this field and experiences awareness and natural healing powers. The information received by the pyramid during the passive scan transforms into a unique energy field with the exclusive patterns only relevant to the scanned person. It is a tuning mechanism that focuses the suitable energy and transmits it to the person in the form of energy and information waves. After experiencing Wellness Balancer Pyramid, many attest to the feeling of being immersed in the warmth and happiness. The realization of the connection to the life force invigorates, motivates, triggers self-awareness, and personal strive for a happier, healthier life.  

The Wellness Balancer Pyramid doesn’t work like Martin Frischknecht’s power tube or the Vitalfield. The pyramid combines state-of-the-art modern scientific tools with ancient modalities. It is an actual portal to the universal energy and information field that binds all things in our universe, thus having the original blueprints to every cell of every matter. In some ancient cultures and traditions, this energy is called the “Chi” energy, the life force that flows through everything.  The pyramid acts like a receiver and transmitter for this energy. Please read the information on the website about all the components, modalities, and technologies involved in creating the pyramid.  

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